Robie Junior by Radio Shack

Robie Junior by Radio Shack

Robie Junior by Radio Shack
This Remote Command Intelligent Robot is great!

His eyes shine as he moves. Both eyes light up when moving forward. The right eye shines when he turns right and the left one when he moves left. When he goes backwards, the eyes are off.

He receives ultrasonic signals from the controller. So you can direct him left, right, forward, and backwards.
The remote control has both a manual control and a follow function that when set, will have Robie follow the controller and say I’m coming, I’m coming. The remote control is sonic based.

Press down either arm to have him talk. If he runs into something he changes direction. Pushing his bumper also makes him speak.

The bumper on the front base allows him to turn if he encounters or runs into another object.

There is a button on top of his head that switches Robie from stay mode to walk mode. In stay mode he will wait for your instruction with the remote. In walk mode he will move forward even when you are not pressing buttons on the remote.

Robie has a series of phrases that he uses depending on the mode he is in as well as what he is doing. Phrases include: "Oops", "Excuse Me", "Let's go", "Hello", and "I'm Robie Junior".

Robie can bring you light weight things on his detachable tray that can be carried with arms. He can also pinch items with his hands and rotatable wrists.

Great for all ages!

Works wonderfully and has small amounts of wear from play.

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